This week on All in the Industry, Shari Bayer invites Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman, co founders of Tilit Chef Goods, tothe show! Tilit Chef Goods is the source for designer chefwear, waterproof and food proof utility aprons and artisanal kitchen tools made in the USA. New York City to be exact! Created by Alex McCrery, Tilit was launched in November of 2012. A chef for 17 years, Alex got tired of wearing and using subpar chef’s gear. And if you’ve ever seen those hideous Hammer pants that chefs wear, you know exactly why. So he decided to create a whole line of goods that are locally produced and completely chef approved that will stand up to the heat of a busy kitchen—while still looking cool as ice. For example, Titlit aprons are made with lightweight waxed cotton that is also spill-proof and waterproof. These goods are the chef or chef wannabes answer to looking good and getting the job done, all with a local slant. Because, let’s face it: It’s not really Hammer time.