On today’s episode of Wedding Cake, DJ Gregg of Ambient DJs, a specialist in wedding music mixology, joins the wedding cake and DJ CherishTheLuv in studio to talk about how to go about hiring that perfect DJ for your wedding! We are also joined by fake-fiancée, Sally G, with music by Luke Rizzo, aka DJ Cloak Dagger, Smax Music and Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights. Joanie also drops a little love-storytelling moment that can be filed under “things that make you go ‘Awww…'”. Today’s wedding cake is an awesomely delicious vegan chocolate masterpiece, made by upcoming Wedding Cake co-host Pamela Elizabeth, the Vegan Queen of NYC, and founder of Blossom restaurants and Cocoa V Chocolat in NYC. Pamela pops in to say a little somethin’ somethin’ about why you might want to consider having a vegan-friendly wedding. *** Extra special added bonus! *** Unfuck The World founder, Maike Both, also grabs the mic to give us some more inspiration on how to add some good karma to your wedding!


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