Award-winning writer, editor, cookbook author Raquel Pelzel talks her new book Toast and the international evolution of this perfect dish. Then, we'll welcome Lynne Ryan, friend to star chefs and a chef herself. She's the founder of Tailgate Buzz and the Chefs To Dine For dinner series plus First Lady of the Culinary Institute of America. She shares sassy Southern lady tips on how-to-be-good-at-life and how to do birthday parties and road trips right.  This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.


"One tip is, I don't actually own a toaster... so I use my broiler to make toast all the time. I love the singed edge it offers." [12:40]

--Raquel Pelzel on WORD OF MOUTH

"When you come to own of my dinners it's like you're a guest at my table." [24:20]

--Lynne Ryan on WORD OF MOUTH