Our panelists include Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain, owners and founders of Gordy’s Pickle Jar; Meaghan and Shane Carpenter, the owners and founders of Hex Ferments; and Lauren Sandler, the Director of Preservation for Foodshed, Inc.

Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain are the founders of Gordy’s Pickle Jar, the much-loved, small batch pickle company from Washington DC. Founded in 2011, Gordy’s quickly become a DC favorite not only for its delicious product line but also for its commitment to craftsmanship, community, and sustainability. The brand has received numerous accolades from the press, including the Washington Post, Food & Wine, Bloomberg, and The Food Network, among others (http://www.gordyspicklejar.com).

HEX Ferments are Maryland-based food alchemists, dedicated to sourcing from local and organic farms. They believe in creating partnerships from these providers of sustenance to create unique ferments that support our individual health as well as the health of our local foodshed. HEX ferments employs a traditional process – they do not use heat or white vinegar – so that they’re creations are teeming with beneficial bacteria, healthy acids and enzymes. They balance old world quality and flavor with modern interpretations, and choose optimal, nourishing ingredients. HEX Ferments is a certified B-Corporation, 100% Wind Powered. (http://www.hexferments.com)

Lauren Sandler is the production manager of Canningshed, a Maryland-approved food manufacturing facility that produces seasonal jams, jellies, and hot sauce, as well as fermented, dried, and frozen foods.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Lauren worked as a line cook at Franny;s Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, where she developed a commitment to working with local growers and produce. Everything made at Canningshed is sourced from independent Mid- Atlantic growers, from the lavender dried for tea to the vinegar used in Snake Oil Hot Sauce.  Lauren and her team are particularly committed to minimizing food waste: beyond constantly exploring new ways to use the generally unused parts of food (from cherry pits to fibrous leek greens), Canningshed ferments, cans, dries, freezes, and juices, so that they can provide seasonal local produce year long.


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