What do a car company and a conservation organization have in common? Plenty. This week on Animal Instinct, host Celia Kutcher is on the line with Dr. John Rowden of the New York City Audubon and Toyota Togethergreen talking conversation, birds, and more. After the break, John explains how TogetherGreen has trained more than 500 conservation leaders and has mobilized more than 460,000 people to reduce energy use, protect wildlife habitat, and improve water quality in every state in America. Tune in for an informative show!

"Where birds thrive people do as well." [2:00]

"We encourage people to think creatively about solutions, and not every attempt works but we try to then take a step back and think how to forge ahead. That's a trademark of the program was well." [22:00]

--Dr. John Rowden on Animal Instinct