This week on U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman interviews Pippa Lord of Sous Style, a website dedicated to new homemakers and cooks. Tune in to hear Pippa's thoughts on the colliding worlds of fashion and food. Ever been curious about all of those attractive chefs working in your favorite NYC restaurants? Hear how Pippa set up one of the bachelors at the Meatball Shop with a Sous Style reader. Helen and Pippa also discuss favorite dishes to make at home, and what food and beverages can win their hearts. This episode is brought to you by Cain Winery.

"For Sous Style, it's important that we mention people that wouldn't necessarily get [in fashion magazines], but are interesting in themselves."

"All of the sudden in terms of fashion and art, people stopped talking about what shoes they were wearing, what they were buying, what art they were collecting- and they started talking about what they were having for dinner."

--Pippa Lord on U Look Hungry