This week on U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman is in the studio with Jay Pennington aka Rusty Lazer, a New Orleans-based Bounce DJ. Tune in to hear about Rusty's New Orleans Airlift, a project aimed to revitalize New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina by taking New Orleans art to international audiences. Hear about Airlift's newest project, Dithyrambalina, a village of musical instruments also known as The Music Box. Rusty talks about his upcoming single with Nicky Da B and Diplo. What are the best places to eat after a late night DJ set in New Orleans? And what are Rusty's favorite Jazz Fest foods? This program was brought to you by Cain Winery.

"...A metallic staircase with footholds that depress as you walk up or down, and at the top of the staircase there's a pipe that runs through the center of the spiral staircase. There's a blower motor that blows air down through the pipe, and there are organ pipes that were given to us by a local church, and as you step on each one, it opens up the valve between the organ pipes and the main pipe."

"I wanna see healthy food propagated throughout [New Orleans] all the time, 24 hours a day."

-- Rusty Lazer on U Look Hungry