On this episode of U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman is joined in the studio by Nashville chef Robbie Wilson. Robbie has four restaurants in Nashville, including Tavern, Whiskey Kitchen, Kayne Prime, and Virago. Hear about Nashville's blooming culinary scene, and where it matches up against the rest of the country. Robbie and Helen also talk about what "local food" means to the city of Nashville, the famous Southern hospitality, and seasonal cooking. Tune in to hear some of Robbie's favorite dishes at his restaurants. This episode has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"Tennesee is not a girth-y state: it's long and skinny. So local [food] to us could be across the border in Kentucky which is less than an hour away, to Alabama, or Georgia. I know people are picky about what is 'local', but to us it's the Greater Nashville area, but it stretches straight into Kentucky, as well. "

"Our company is really about a culture... When I got to Nashville it was a little behind the rest of the world culinarily... Whether it's front of the house or back of the house to just really feel like they're a part of something great, a new movement in Nashville, because we're not the only ones doing it. There's some great cooking going on." --Robbie Wilson on U Look Hungry