On this episode of U Look Hungry, our hostess Helen Hollyman is joined by Sam Richman of the new Mexican restaurant Gran Electrica located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Tune in to hear Sam talk about his recent trip to Mexico, and what he learned about Mexican cuisine during his travels. Hear about Sam's love of masa-based foods- fresh tortillas, gorditas, and more! There are so many delicious, savory dishes on the menu at Gran Electrica; listen as Sam talks about the upcoming Cinco de Mayo menu. What are some of the best Mexican cookbooks? Tune in to this episode of U Look Hungry to find out! This episode has been brought to you by Fairway Market.

"What's cool to me about Mexico is its link to the past. It's interesting to see places that don't have a direct connection to the Western world."

-- Sam Richman on U Look Hungry