On this episode of U Look Hungry, Helen Holly is talking with chef Alex Raij of Txikito, El Quinto Pino, and La Vara- three Spanish Restaurants in New York City. Alex talks about growing up in a Argentinian and Jewish household in Minneapolis, and how that developed her food tastes. Tune in to find out why Alex decided to focus on Spanish cuisine in her restaurants. Helen and Alex also discuss tapas, and why they have been so popular in the United States, yet so misunderstood. Alex's most recent restaurant is La Vara in Cobble Hill, and Helen and Alex talk about the Moorish and Jewish influences incorporated into La Vara's menu. Tune in and learn more about Alex's restaurants and Spanish cooking! This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"I have an affinity for [Spanish food]...I just understand it intuitively. I think that makes it easy to fall in love with something when you find you have a real connection to it that flows easily."

"Txikito is a Basque restaurant, and it's really a love letter to my husband and what he left behind."

-- Alex Raij on U Look Hungry