On today's episode of U Look Hungry, host Helen Hollyman is talking with artist Laura Ginn. Recently, Laura held an exhibition called Tomorrow We Feast on What We Catch, which featured rat as the main ingredient in a multiple course meal. The kicker is- Laura used to be a vegetarian! Hear about Laura's inspirations for such a culinary oddity, and how skills like hunting, tanning, and taxidermy peaked her artistic interests. Learn about how post-apocalytic rhetoric has inspired Laura's art, and why it is important to learn hands-on skills in an age where digital technology dominates. This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

There's been a big return to traditional skills and craftsmanship. I think that [tanning and taxidermy] are valuable skills to have. You can take something off the road and make something beautiful."

"I've been very interested in the performative aspect of my work... eating involves your entire body."

-- Laura Ginn on U Look Hungry