Cars real big. House real big. Rims real big, everything real big-on this week's episode of U Look Hungry. Helen is repping Nola by interviewing one of the most influential musicians to come out of the Crescent City she loves more than any other place in the universe. Tune in to U Look Hungry to hear Helen chat with the legendary hip-hop producer, rapper, and ultimate beat-maker, Mannie Fresh. They get down to the nitty gritty on where he eats and drinks in New Orleans, how he got into music, his thoughts, issues, and hopes for young contemporary rappers, his views on post-Katrina New Orleans, what he's working on these days in the rap game, and SO MUCH MORE. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"My dad always had instruments and I got tired of looking at them so I just started playing with them to see where it would go."

"If you put me somewhere where there's good energy - my ideas will flow."

"Real talk - you gotta go eat at somebody's mama's house to get the best food in West Bank."

--Mannie Fresh on U Look Hungry