Helen Hollyman is talking about urban cultivation on this week's episode of U Look Hungry. Helen is joined by Celestine Maddy, the founder and publisher of Wilder Quarterly. Wilder Quarterly is a magazine that focuses on cultivating, gardening, and growing in an urban setting. Tune in to learn about Celestine's initial inspirations for the publication, and how she turned a party house into a beautiful urban garden. Hear about the role of art direction and design in the magazine, as well as the breadth of content and coverage. Wilder Quarterly is published seasonally; hear about the summer issue, as well as what is to come for the fall! Listen to Helen and Celestine talk about urban gardening as a trend, and as part of our generation's growing history. This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

"Growing is just entering the consciousness of most Americans. It's no longer this nerdy thing, but it's becoming a part of life... If you care about your body, you care about growing." -- Celestine Maddy on U Look Hungry