This week on U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman is delving into the world of food journalism with Alan Sytsma of Grub Street. Tune into this episode to hear about Alan's entrance into the food scene after culinary school. Find out why working in restaurant kitchens wasn't the career for Alan, and why he transitioned to becoming a food writer. Hear about Alan's guilty food pleasure, and some of his favorite neighborhood restaurants. Listen in to hear Alan and Helen talk about the number of restaurants in NYC that do not take reservations, and why Alan thinks that there will be a crop of new restaurants that react against this recent trend. Learn about the restaurant openings that Alan is excited about this upcoming season, and hear about "the New Yorker palate" and how it affects restaurant concepts! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

"There's a vocabulary among diners who are willing to eat at places that are sort of divier than what they might be used to, and as a result you're seeing 2-3 hour waits (at restaurants), but I think that's as far as it's going to go. I think people who really follow the scene are ready to make reservations again." [19:30] -- Alan Sytsma on U Look Hungry