On this week's episode of U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman is talking with New Orleans chef Donald Link. Tune in to hear Helen and Donald discuss the role of restaurants in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. How can New York City chefs provide comfort for victims of Hurricane Sandy? Hear Helen relay a message from legendary New Orleans chef Susan Spicer! Later in the episode, Helen offers some suggestions as to how you can help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Tune in to hear about some awesome food events that are offering some of their proceeds to organizations like Occupy Sandy and the Red Hook Initiative! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.


"I never realized the importance of a restaurant until I re-opened after Katrina. Everything's gonna be fine because your neighborhood restaurant is open. I felt the importance of being part of a community at that point where you can really see people come in and feel like they were back to some kind of normalcy even though the city is completely devastated." [4:15]

-- chef Donald Link on U Look Hungry