Lesley Blume is an accomplished journalist and author, and she's this week's guest on U Look Hungry! Lesley recently finished a book called Let's Bring Back: The Cocktail Edition that focuses on forgotten cocktails from history. Tune in to hear Lesley and host Helen Hollyman talk about some of the more disgusting recipes that Lesley found in her research! What has caused the resurgence of cocktail culture? Lesley and Helen discuss their favorite authors, and which authors they would love to drink with. Hear what's on the horizon for Lesley and the "Let's Bring Back" series! This program has been sponsored by Tekserve.

"When you go into really innovative bars today, the envelope is being pushed again. We're looking at artisanal cocktails with herbs, and egg whites are a given. Just as chefs are being intensely creative and heritage-oriented, but also forward-looking- I think that's a trend in cocktail-making, as well." [19:10]

-- Lesley Blume on U Look Hungry