This week on U Look Hungry, host Helen Hollyman is joined in the studio by comedian Max Silvestri. Max is the host of the Big Terrible comedy show in Williamsburg, and also writes Top Chef recaps for Eater. Tune into this episode to hear Max talk about his beginnings in comedy performing for his parents. Find out what Max's strategy is for writing his Top Chef recaps; what does he eat, and how does he take notes? Max talks about Anziz Ansari, and how he made it acceptable for entertainers to talk about food. Hear Max's opinions about comedians reading jokes they have composed Twitter! Max and Helen discuss the Big Terrific format, and why it can be less alienating than other stand-up shows. This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"A lot of people who don't like food or going out to eat probably haven't gone out to a lot of good places." [6:50]

"It's very weird when someone gets on stage like three feet away from you and pretends that you're not both human. We wanted to make a show [Big Terrific] a comfortable experience for everyone." [20:15]

-- Max Silvestri on U Look Hungry