You know you’ve seen hip hop videos with restaurants in the background and thought “I wish I knew where that was!” Fret no more Chicago hip hop foodies, there’s a new blog that will help you wine and dine at all those spots. This week on U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman discusses rap, food, and takes a mind bending tour of Chicago with “Ted Overrated”, the anonymous author of the aforementioned blog, “ThisHeresOverrated, But I love Your City Baby”, a rap video based guide to eating in Chicago. Hear Ted’s top Chicago food recommendations, find out how to do Chicago Deep Dish Pizza rap style and get an inside perspective on the city’s rap scene. This program was sponsored by Tekserve.

“The blog is a list of rap videos you can watch and underneath then you can see any restaurant that appears in the background. I made a map where you can see exactly where in the city the restaurants are located.” [02:00]

“[In Hip Hop], food is often used for a metaphor or slang for something else.” [23:00]

–“Ted Overrated” on U Look Hungry