In the words of Rihanna, pour it up pour it up (or down) on tonight's episode of U Look Hungry radio as Helen Hollyman dives into the epicenter of the New York cocktail and beverage scene with her guest, Eamon Rockey. A serious heavyweight champion/tour de force in this industry, Eamon's worked at spots like Eleven Madison Park, Atera and most recently, Aska in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Eamon and Helen discuss the contemporary trends in the cocktail/wine/spirits world, how he came to be one of the signature forces behind the current pulse of the drink scene and a slew of other topics like homemade redbull, how to build a restaurant drink program, and so much more. This program was sponsored by Tekserve.

"Each individual cocktail is it's own chapter - if we can relate the list to a book." [07:00]

"The exiting thing about cocktails is that it expands in all directions - in any direction that has energy applied to it." [14:00]

--Eamon Rockey on U Look Hungry