Did you know that a woman butcher helped invent the flatiron cut? One of the most bass-ass butchers in the world, Kari Undlery, joins Helen Hollyman for this week's episode of U Look Hungry. A third-generation meat cutter, Kari was introduced to the trade by her father at Underly's Market, a butcher shop and ice cream parlor in Lydick, Indiana. As an adult, she entered a three-year meat cutting apprenticeship program and became a journeyman meat cutter with Martin's Super Market in South Bend, Indiana. Over time, Kari continued to develop her cutting skills and product knowledge as well as her business savvy and instincts for merchandising and marketing. Today, retailers, foodservice operators, associations, chefs, and farmers across the country regularly tap into Kari's expertise. Tune in and hear her story and get an inside look at the world of butchering from a leader in the field. This program was sponsored by Artisanal Imports.

"I've found in my journey that women have more finesse with their hands so they do a lot of finishing cuts. Sometimes I've noticed my male counterparts are more about about production and getting things done and women are about making sure it looks nice." [03:00]

"When people make a shift and decision to buy a grassfed produc,t they still have the eating experction of corn fed beef. Folks need to relaize that cows finished on pastures will be a more gamey experience." [18:00]

--Kari Underly on U Look Hungry