Helen Rosner is the digital editor at Saveur Magazine, and she's joining Helen Hollyman in the studio today to talk about food blogs, food science, and web comics. On this week's installment of U Look Hungry, the Helens talk about their initial interests in food, and how that interest translated into the world of food media. What are some of Helen Rosner's favorite cookbooks to cook from? Hear about some of Saveur's new content, including contests, video, and comics. How did Saveur develop their recipe web comics, and how have readers responded to the innovative recipe format? Later, Helen Rosner talks about the dilution of regional cuisine, and how hipster culture has homogenized local food. This program has been brought to you by Tekserve, and today's music has been provided by Idgy Dean.

"What we're doing with Recipe Comics is making the recipe itself the end goal." [25:00] -- Helen Rosner on U Look Hungry