Come along as host Briana Kurtz takes Native listeners to the Ukraine!  Guest Olia Hercules discusses her new cookbook, "Mamushka," and relates how it is a celebration of the food and flavours of the "Wild East" - from the Black Sea to Baku and Armenia to Azerbaijan, with many recipes for fresh, flavorful and unexpected dishes from across the region. Inspired from her childhood memories of fresh, spring produce to the forgotten recipes from generations past, Olia shares details on traditional holiday fare and that many of the photographs in the book feature plates that belonged to her grandmother.  Tune in for Olia's thoughts on current events happening in the Ukraine area and more!



"It's really produce driven. We don't use may spices in traditional Ukrainian cooking. There's no spices to hide behind, almost." [4:00]

"Borscht and varenyky - Ukrainian cuisine is more than that!" [5:35] 

--Olia Hercules on Native