This week Unfiltered starts with some theiving wine news about a certain Moet employee (Romaine Brunot) who recently has gotten arrested for hoarding over $100K worth of the swag. Then hosts Erin and Brian welcome Robert Bower of The Fladgate Partnership, makers fine port wines. Learn all about this unique Portuguese wine from the Douro region from the amazing cocktails that you can make with it to how white port wines have grabbed a growing foothold amongst a new generation of drinkers. Want to go old school? Tune in to find out as well about the differences between traditional ruby and tawny ports. This episode is sponsored by Fairway Market.

"They've changed the way you consume white port . . . the new generation are now mixing it on the rocks with a touch of tonic water and a twist of mint. It's very much an aperitif."

--Robert Bower on Unfiltered