This week on Unfiltered, Erin Fitzpatrick & Brian DiMarco sit down and chat with Piet van Leijenhorst, Bols Master Distiller, about his Bols Genever. Learn more about the overlooked flavored white whiskey and learn what sets it apart from other spirits. Find out why genever should not be used as a gin substitute and how it can best be utilized in cocktails. Unfiltered is brought to you by The Barterhouse.


"Genever is a categeroy on its own. It was copied by the English somewhere in the 1800's, but they couldn't truly copy genever so they made gin. The difference between gin and genever are the botanicals. You can hardly drink gin straight, but genever is perfect to drink straight."

--Piet van Leijenhorst, Bols Master Distiller on Unfiltered

"If genever must be categorized, it's white whiskey with botanicals."

--Tal Nadari of Lucas Bols on Unfiltered