This week host Erin Fitzpatrick helms the 95th episode of Unfiltered solo but is joined by long time friend, and one of the first guests on the show, Tom Gannon. They talk about his work at the Spire Collection after leaving Rothmann's Steakhouse in New York. Tune to learn about and what it takes to become a certified master sommelier from theory to tasting to cigar pairing as well as the inside scoop on Nashville's burgeoning wine and food scene. This episode is sponsored by The Hearst Ranch.

"[On cigar pairings] I would always argue it should never be a wine you have to taste on its own, nothing rare or older vintage, that would suffer. . . varietals like Zinfandel and Petit Syrah I always thought were good to pair with cigars."

--Tom Gannon on Unfiltered