On the debut episode of Feast Yr Ears, host Harry Rosenblum is in studio with guest Henry P. Bergson talking the Vietnam War and more. Henry was stationed in Vietnam from Valentine's day 1969 - 1970. Discussing what food was like while on patrol (C-rations) as well as the available food to a G.I. stationed in-country at that time, Henry recalls intriguing details from this era of his life. Tune in for a great show and hear Hank's thoughts on finding the perfect stateside spring roll. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"When lunch arrived and they were serving ice cream, you new you'd be in the field for at least 10 days!" [12:00]
"The ham and egg C-ration, which happened to be rather inedible, was very nicely disguised with ketchup over glutenous rice with soy sauce." [13:30]
"The army really tried to get foods that people tended to be familiar with... if you had a little sense of adventure, you could be surprised!" [14:00]
--Henry P. Bergson on Feast Yr Ears