Bonjour les admirateurs de Tech Bites to our first bi-lingual show, the first part in English with a French second half. In this episode we talk with two French food tech companies about breaking into the US market, the difference between French and American points-of-view on food waste, and popular Parisian apps. Joining us in-studio: Biotraq CEO Olivier Duchesne de Lamotte and Associate Dominique Cagnon. Biotraq helps food companies optimize their cold chain and reduce waste. 25% of the food shipped globally is lost in transit. They developed an IoT platform that calculates perishable products quality in real-time using the market’s latest sensors, allowing companies to make better decisions and avoid losses. Novolyze Founder/CEO Karim-Franck Khinouche. Novolyze is focused specifically on the US food safety market. They develop and manufacture dry and ready to use surrogate microorganisms to help food companies, laboratories and equipment manufacturers perform in-plant validation studies and comply with the new FSMA requirements.

Tech Bites #101 Vive Le Food Tech