Will Chase, Chase Distillery, UK and Ariane Daguin, D’Artagnan, USA – two highly successful figures on the artisanal side of drink and meat share their thoughts with host John Wilkes on The Whole Shebang

Will Chase UK is a potato farmer turned serial entrepreneur. Herefordshire born and bred, he became disillusioned trading his spuds with the supermarkets. Despite going bust, he started making chips (crisps) at his farm, Tyrell Court and Tyrells Snacks/Crisps was born – selling for $75 million to Langholm Capital in 2008. Whilst on his travels in the U.S. in 2004, Will discovered potato vodka and the seed of another idea was planted. The Chase Distillery was set up on his farm in 2008. It was the first new facility in the UK for 200 years and the largest making its annual output half a million bottles of prizewinning Chase vodka and gin completely from scratch with homegrown potatoes and apples. Now available in the U.S. and 35 other countries including Russia!

His new book: “Will’s Story. One potato, two… Finding The Magic” is just out.

Never one to be shy about controversy, Will talks spuds, going bust, chips (crisps), booze and getting it right twice with host John Wilkes.


Though much has been written about Ariane Daguin, Founder of D’Artagnan, several things stand out. She’s fiercely proud of her Gallic roots – from a long line of noted Gascon chefs and restaurateurs – which explains her no-nonsense approach and knowledgeable appreciation around the traditions of gastronomy. She’s also driven and very forthright.

Respect of older values underlies a focused approach to all D’Artagnan’s output today. Creating a quality product necessitates the correct breed, for it to be well reared and cared for, and ultimately correctly slaughtered and presented.

Consequently, D’Artagnan has become the go-to source for the retail and restaurant trade and appreciative food lovers across the whole gamut of red meat, game, fowl, charcuterie and of course foie gras – the product that launched D’Artagnan over 30 years ago in New York. With the holidays just around the corner, the time is right to look at goose as serious contender for the festive table. Historically, the fall/winter bird of choice is the goose in Europe, full of deep flavor and superb fat by-product extracted during the cooking process.

Join John and Ariane, as the myths and magic of this majestic bird are laid bare alongside other suggestions for the holiday table.

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