Today on We Dig Plants, hosts Carmen Devito and Alice Marcus Krieg celebrate the airing of their 100th episode! They begin the show with a list of their favorite things! Here about their favorite plants, fellow gardeners, and memories of their early gardens. These enthusiastic horticulturalists talk about the incredible journey that has taken them from constructing seaweed sculptures to a six story tall garden in New York City. They have a true passion for all things plants and their love is contagious! Tune in as they tell stories about getting their hands dirty and drinking water from the hose! They reflect on some of the inspiring conversations they have had on the show this year and their favorite horticulture organizations and events. Don’t miss out as they talk about their first community gardens, favorite farmer’s markets, and their extraordinary love for plants. This program was sponsored by International Culinary Center.

“One of the joys of having a child for me was going to his school every fall and planting bulbs with his entire class.” [06:12]

— Carmen Devito & Alice Marcus Krieg on We Dig Plants