What plants have shaped civilization and culture? This week on We Dig Plants, Carmen Devito chats with Bill Laws, writer, journalist, and author of the book 50 Plants That Changed the Course of History! Tune in to this episode to hear Carmen and Bill discuss some of the more unlikely heroic plants. Find out about the classification of onions, and how sweet peas helped spawn modern genetic research. How have economies been altered by plants like ginger and ferns? Bill talks about some plants that have proven to be dangers to humanity, and find out how grains helped establish the United States as an international superpower. This episode has been sponsored by Rolling Press.

"We can't go on using our fossil fuels as we have. I think the history of these plants is only half-written. There's going to be a time when we once again look at how these plants can help us. [20:30] -- Bill Laws on We Dig Plants