Alice Marcus-Krieg and Carmen Devito are back for their fourth season of We Dig Plants! Tune into this episode to learn about some of the new and exciting editions to the weekly program, including raffles and "The Horticultural Honor Roll"! Today's guest is Dr. Kim Hummer, a USDA researcher and specialty crop curator based in Coravallis, Oregon. Learn what plant genetics Dr. Hummer studies in the Pacific Northwest, and why it's her duty to study and conserve these varieties. Hear how Dr. Hummer discovered a type of wild strawberry! Find out how some breeders are growing plants for transportation and flavor. Why are some geneticists experimenting with crossing different breeds in order to create unique hybrids? What's going to be the new trendy fruit? Find out all of this and more on the return of We Dig Plants! Thanks to our sponsor, White Oak Pastures. Today's break music has been brought to you by Pamela Royal.

"Plant breeders are trying to figure out ways to pack flavor into a fruit that needs to be transported across the country." [22:00]

-- Dr. Kim Hummer on We Dig Plants