This week on We Dig Plants, Carmen Devito and Alice Marcus Krieg discuss hermitages with the author of The Hermit in the Garden, Gordon Campbell. Tune in to learn about the religious and secular connotations of hermits, and the roots of hermitages in Rome. Why were hermitages in vogue during the time of Shakespeare, and why was culture so fascinated by melancholy? Tune in to learn about some of the more outrageous performative aspects of the culture surrounding hermitages, and how some hermits became regarded as mystical fortune tellers. Tune in to hear Gordon describe some of the more famous and regal hermitages in the world! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA. Music by EULA.


"Along with the style of English gardening that was very popular was a thing called 'associative gardening.' The garden is the idea that prompts a series of emotions... this idea goes along with the cult of melancholy." [26:00]

-- Gordon Campbell on We Dig Plants