Looking to get something special for that special someone on Valentine's Day? Skip the roses and try some slow flowers! What's a slow flower? Well, Debra Prinzing is here today on We Dig Plants to explain! Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito invite Debra onto the program to discuss her infatuation with local, seasonal, American-grown flowers, and why she wrote about the floral industry entitled Slow Flowers. Why is origin labeling not required for flowers? Hear how Debra made a flower arrangement a day using whatever flowers and plants were in season at the time! Are there any special government grants for American flower producers? Find out on this week's edition of We Dig Plants! Thanks to our sponsor, Tabard Inn. Music by Idgy Dean.


"This artisanal notion allows us to slow down and connect with nature." [11:30]

"There are floral designers that are growing their own flowers out of the desire to have the most unique varieties!" [17:50]

-- Debra Prinzing on We Dig Plants