We Dig Plants is back for a special summer show! Tune in to check back in with your favorite horticultrists, Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen DeVito as they chat with Jenks Farmer, Plantsman and author of “Deep-Rooted Wisdom: Skills and Stories from Generations of Gardeners”. Augustus Jenkins Farmer (aka Jenks) started gardening in the third grade in a corner of the family farm filled with rocks, scrap metal, and crinum and spider lilies. He was free to dig, transplant, and design in any way he wanted by making do with what he had. Thirty years later, he continues to garden this way in his own gardens in Columbia and Beech Island, South Carolina. His style of gardening is in stark contrast to the gardening industry’s steady stream of new products, new advertising, and new rules that create unneeded complexities that intimidate future gardeners and obscure the joy of gardening.