On this cold winter day, tune in to a brand new episode of We Dig Plants!. Carmen DeVito is joined by Maria Zampini, founder of UpShoot. In 2012 Maria was named Director of Plant Development for the Agricola Management Group, the exclusive licensee of the HGTV HOME Plant collection. Her work includes sourcing genetics for the various plant collections, working with grower and retail partners as well as networking with garden writers.

Maria writes a monthly column in Garden Center Magazine and a regular column forNursery Management. Her work has appeared in numerous other publications, including American Nurseryman, Nursery News, Country Folks Grower, Fine Gardening and the northern issues of State-by-State Gardening Magazine. She is also a sought-after speaker, lecturing on new plant introductions, sustainability, native plants, plant patents and trademarks and other plant-related topics. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA


“I look at mother nature as a pitcher, and she will throw something over the base – you just don’t know what it’s going to be. Chances are there will be a curveball somewhere in there.” [27:00]

“I look at landscaping in an investment in my home, just like everything that happens inside of it.” [31:00]

“There’s no right wrong in the garden – if it makes you happy then it’s all good!” [35:00]

–Maria Zampini on We Dig Plants