On this week's episode of We Dig Plants, Alice Marcus Krieg is hosting by herself. Alice is talking with Richard Horan, the author of Harvest: An Adventure into the Heart of America's Family Farms. Tune into this episode to hear why the politics of illegal immigration inspired Richard to become a farm worker. How did Richard's background in gardening prepare him to become a farmer? What parallels does Richard see in the disciplines of writing and farming? Tune in to hear some of Richard's farm experiences! Hear about cranberry harvesting, and how he connected with farmers and seasonal workers a like. This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.

"If it weren't for youth, there would be no farms. You need speed and energy to get that product off the vine quickly and expeditiously. That was a big surprise for me." [7:10]

"It's everything that we attribute to art and culture- and it's all out there on the farm!" [13:30]

-- Richard Horan on We Dig Plants