Next month, the James Beard Foundation will announce a new batch of restaurant and chef winners in Chicago. With the "Oscars of Food" approaching, we wanted to explore the world of food awards. While the upsides of winning are apparent, there are downsides, too.

Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union describes some of the unrealistic expectations that diners developed after he won the award for Best Chef Southeast. Matt and Ted Lee sit down with Harry Rosenblum to discuss a category that's oddly missing from the James Beard Foundation's radar: catering. Then, Kat Johnson takes a look at why anonymity for critics, judges, and Michelin inspectors matters (or doesn't) with help from Josh Plunkett, a veteran of several Michelin starred restaurants. Finally, Pauline Munch and Lisa Held explain the complicated legacy of Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug, whose work to solve hunger inspired a hip hop homage.

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