What are beta agonists? Beta-agonists are a class of non-hormonal compounds fed to livestock. Why should we care? Well, for a number of reasons - including both animal and consumer safety. On this week's episode of What Doesn't Kill You, Katy Keiffer is here to catch you up to speed on yet another drug being used in livestock production with esteemed guest Guy Loneragan, a veterinary epidemiologist and Professor of Food Safety and Public Health and at Texas Tech University. Tune in and learn more about beta agonists and the debate surrounding their use. This program was sponsored by Tabard Inn


"We had information on almost a million head of cattle across 20 different operations. What we found is relatively consistent across all operations there is a significant increase in the likelihood in death of animals that are administered beta agonists." [19:00]

--Guy Loneragan on What Doesn't Kill You