It's a very fishy episode of What Doesn't Kill You as Katy Keiffer's talking fish with Rick Shepro, author of Degrees of Freshness: The Contemporary International Market for Hyperfresh Seafood. Get some serious insights into the sustainable seafood industry as Rick explores the world of fish in all it's different forms - wild, farmed, domestic and imported. Learn about Ike Jime, cold chain technology and find out why freshness may be a misleading term when talking about fish. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"The seafood market has become more and more international, at the high and low ends of the market." [02:00]

"Fresh used to mean just out of the water. Nowadays people are more likely to talk about freshness in terms of the condition of the fish." [09:00]

"In terms of freshness, properly handled aquaculture products have a huge advantage over wild fish." [25:00]

--Rick Shepro on What Doesn't Kill You