Quick service restaurants are one of the most interesting case studies in sustainability and sourcing - and Chipotle is arguably the best in the business. Tune in to a brand new episode of What Doesn't Kill You as Katy Keiffer chats with Chipotle Communications Director Chris Arnold. Chris oversees a variety of external communications, including media relations, government relations and public affairs, and philanthropic programs for the national burrito restaurant. He is an architect of the company's brand and external messaging, and a counselor to the company's executive team. Get an inside look at the companies philosophy, initiatives and future plans. This program was brought to you by Tabard Inn.

"When you're dealing with very small niche producers in the United States it's difficult for them to sell at prices that work with our model and it's difficult for our model to work with theirs." [06:00]

"If you're going to sell tacos at 99 cents then you can't have a 34% food cost." [09:00]

--Chris Arnold on What Doesn't Kill You