Water and labor are two extremely important topics currently being discussed in the United States, and no state is discussing these issues more than California. Writer and reporter Lauren Markham discusses, with host Katy Keiffer, how the drought in California is effecting migrant workers. Her recent article for the Food & Environmental Reporting Network (FERN) and Pacific Standard focused on the intersection of the recent migration influx and the California drought. How do workers cope with the extreme conditions? How will producers keep these workers safe? How will we as a country protect and support immigrants who flee political violence in their homelands to have a chance at living a better life here? All this and more today on What Doesn’t Kill You . This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard and Winery.


“Some of the workers convince themselves not to take a break, because thats 15 minutes of not crops or 15 minutes of less money for you family…the job encourages overwork.” [8:00]

“The more we see and publicize the struggle of migrant workers, the more the numbers will do the work that gives hope to me.” [38:00]

“Migrant workers are literally feeding our country.” [39:00]

Lauren Markham on What Doesn’t Kill You