When Katy Keiffer and Tom Philpott talk about the pork industry, you better listen. This week on What Doesn't Kill You, the two discuss JBS's acquisition of Cargill pork production and the impact that exports have on the industry. Tom Philpott is the Food and Ag Correspondent for Mother Jones. He is also the cofounder of Maverick Farms, a center for sustainable food education in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. He was formerly a columnist and editor for the online environmental site Grist and his work on food politics has appeared in Newsweek, Gastronomica, and the Guardian. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"I can't think of a major meat deal in the last 25-30 years that's been shut down by anti-trust authorities." [09:00]

"In 2000, pork exports were close to 0. it was not something we were doing a lot of exporting of." [18:00]

"Do we want to be a hog farmer to the world?" [36:00]

--Tom Philpott on What Doesn't Kill You