Emily Meredith is back for this week's episode of What Doesn't Kill You! Emily is the communications director for the Animal Agriculture Alliance. Established in 1987, the Animal Agriculture Alliance includes individuals, companies, and organizations who are interested in helping consumers better understand the role animal agriculture plays in providing a safe, abundant food supply to a hungry world. Emily is also the blogger for MeatingPlace.com's "Activist Watch" blog. Tune in to hear Katy Keiffer talk about Emily's job in the meat industry as 'damage control', and how she wades through the treacherous waters of meat PR. Tune in to hear more about animal welfare, insider video leaks, and curbing animal abuse. Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"A lot of people have been doing this for generations, and they want to uphold their family tradtitions and ethics." [29:05]

-- Emily Meredith on What Doesn't Kill You