Katy Keiffer is discussing the sale of Smithfield to Shuanghui International Holdings on this week's episode of What Doesn't Kill You with meat industry insider Raoul Baxter. What makes this deal any different than, say, the sale of Swift to JBS, a Brazilian company? What implications will this sale have on American pork prices and production? Raoul gives some very important insight and gives listeners his honest perspective on the situation, noting that at the end of the day The American meat industry is, and will remain, the most inspected and safe industry in the world. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Over time you will see the amount of pork needed in America go up - and what Smithfield can't supply it will spill over to other packers. I think it's a positive for prices." [14:00]

"Nobody said a word when JBS, a Brazilian company, bought Swift." [14:30]

"The American meat industry is the most inspected industry in the world!" [17:00]

-- Raoul Baxter on What Doesn't Kill You