This week on What Doesn't Kill You, Katy Keiffer is talking about the King Amendment to the Farm Bill with John Goodwin, Director of Animal Cruelty Policy for the Humane Society's Animal Rescue Team, and Brian Klippenstein of Protect the Harvest. The King Amendment is a highly-debated measure that features unclear language concerning the regulation of transported agricultural products across state lines. The King Amendment also has repercussions on food safety, animal welfare, and more. Does the amendment prevent a state from regulating both in-state and out-of-state producers beyond federal standards, or does it only prohibit a state from setting production requirements for food sold in-state if the food is produced or manufactured in another state? Learn about the vitriolic opposing viewpoints of John and Brian's groups, and why Katy believes that their clash is unproductive. This program has been sponsored by Tabard Inn.



"It [King Amendment] really should have gone to at least one judiciary hearing where constitutional lawyers could really debate and vet this thing!" [23:10]

-- John Goodwin on What Doesn't Kill You