Naming a cheese is like naming a child: it says something about the cheesemaker and something about the story of that cheese. On today's episode, Greg Blais chats with Debra Dickerson and Thalassa Skinner about what makes an effective cheese name. Also, on the final day for submissions for the FDA Request for Information Regarding Safe Production of Cheese from Unpasteurized Milk, Greg, Debra and Lassa discuss the ACS response to the request and what this call for information could mean for the future of raw milk cheese in the U.S.

"If a cheese knocks your socks off, you're never going to forget that name!" [3:30]

-Debra Dickerson on Cutting the Curd

"A name like "Fat Bottom Girl' doesn't really tell you anything about the cheese, but it makes you smile and ultimately you will remember it." [5:00]

-Thalassa Skinner on Cutting the Curd