Tune in for the married edition of Fuhmentaboudit!  Welcoming guest Jennifer Anderson, Head Yogurt Maker at The White Moustache, Chris and Mary get the scoop on this handmade yogurt using high-quality, meticulously sourced ingredients in an unfathomably time and labor-intensive process. Discussing all things whey (the natural by-product after straining yogurt), the group discusses the many delicious uses for the liquid that is chocked full of probiotics and calcium, including The White Moustache's new probiotic tonics.  Want more? Check out the rest of the episode!


"You can think of whey the same way that you think of buttermilk. In terms of baking, I use it to make bread." [22:00]

"Whey makes a great catalyst for fermentation. I've made kimchi, sauerkraut - I find the whey gives it a nice jump start." [31:00]

--Jennifer Anderson on Fuhmentaboudit!