Our guest is Scott Haas who is a writer and clinical psychologist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He went to Japan for the first time in 2003 and has been visiting the country three to four times a year ever since. Based on his intimate experience with Japanese culture over the years, Scott recently published a truly inspiring book “WHY BE HAPPY?”. This book is about how to achieve happiness with the mindset of the Japanese. The key is you don’t have to be Japanese to reach your own happiness. And the book is extremely helpful to understand Japanese culture broadly and deeply. Also, Scott has a unique relationship with food. He has cooked in professional kitchens in the past and wrote "Back of the House", a book about chef’s mentality in the kitchen. In this episode, we will discuss how Scott became interested in Japan, how we can attain happiness in the Japanese way, his unique experiences in restaurant kitchens, what he learned from them and much, much more!

Scott Haas

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