We've spent a lot of time on this show talking about how hard dating is in your thirties and, according to Shari Bayer, it doesn't get a whole lot easier once you've slipped into your forties. But as we celebrate the final show of our second season, we're lightening it up a bit and discussing why it's awesome to be a single professional in New York City, and why coupled up kids should be jealous of all the things we can do that they can't.

So for today's show sit back, singletons, and get ready to celebrate. Grab two drinks and get ready to glug them down - because you can! Paint the town red, sleep 'til noon, get into trouble, and pick up a nasty habit - because you can! DVR your favorite guilty pleasure and dig into that disgusting food you don't want anyone else to know about - because you can! And then Tweet us, email us, Facebook us, flirt with us, make out with us, do whatever the hell you like with us - BECAUSE WE CAN!

Have a listen, and come back April 25th when we kick off Season Three with even more love bites and stories about how love BITES!

shari bayer

"I'm not sitting at home waiting. I'm living. And I'm enjoying being single." [19:10] – Shari Bayer