"Breaking up is hard to do," goes the old Neil Sedaka song. But when you've got a radio show about establishing new and long-lasting relationships, sometimes you've got to push past any lingering "what ifs?" and get to the root of the issue. So on today's show, Ben presents a list of questions he's asked a few of the past women in his life: Why did they breakup? What did and didn't work about them as a couple? What do they think of when they think of him now? And do they have any regrets? Guided by therapist Vienna Pharaon of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy, Ben talks through the answers his exes sent him alongside the answers he wrote about the relationships, exploring if any of the "good" or "bad" about them might be affecting his chances of finding new love now. Plus, Jacqueline updates on what happened after she reported an abusive guy on OK Cupid, and what the site could have done to make the transaction a bit clearer. And the team sets up what Jacqueline will explore when her own therapist comes on to guide her through her "We We Didn't Work" answers on next week's show! Have a listen.

"We don't just do things to do them. We do them for a reason - we're protecting ourselves, protecting others."

--Vienna Pharaon on Love Bites